Science Communication

I do science communication because I believe it is an important way that scientists can affect change, and because I enjoy sharing my wonder  in the natural world. My main interest is to bridge the gap between active science research and the public.

To me, good science communication provides moments of connection for people with the world around them; where scientific concepts fall into place through stories, where a sense of awe creeps in, and where critical thinking and hands-on experiences lead people to their own discoveries.

I have talked science to lots of different people, spanning the Grand Prix, science museums, the local pub (for the Pint of Science festival) and academic conferences.

  • Demonstrator, Australian National University:
    • Experimental Design and Analysis in Biology, Second year undergraduate (2020-21)
    • Ecology, Second year undergraduate (2020)
    • Big Questions in Biology, Second year undergraduate/Masters (2020)
    • Research Proposal (biology), Third year undergraduate (2019-20)
    • Research Presentation Skills, Third year undergraduate/Masters (2019-20)
    • Plants and Global Climate Change, Third year undergraduate (2019)
  • Programs Officer, Scienceworks Museum (2018-19)
  • Presenter, Scienceworks Museum (2017-18)
  • Senior educator with the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC) (2016-18)