Research Projects

Science Writing
  • An unexpected turn in the Species Accumulation function; why sample randomisation necessitates undue sampling effort and produces less accurate estimates of biodiversity (in preparation)

  • Forays into South Gippsland’s understories, South Gippsland Conservation Society newsletter (popular science article, 2017)
  • 542 million years of the Wombat Forest indigenous garden, Bullarto Primary School website (online content, science editor, 2017)
  • Rockdocpress (primary writer, website editor, 2017)


Independent Research Projects
  • First ecological reconstruction of the Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian–Turonian) southern polar Tupuangi Formation macroflora: Chatham Islands, New Zealand (ongoing)
  • Phanerozoic biodiversity trends reflect climate changes, mass extinction events and the confounding effects of sampling bias (2015)
  • Preliminary findings from an angiospermous, Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian–Turonian) southern polar macrofossil assemblage; Tupuangi Formation, Chatham Islands, New Zealand (2014)
  • Morphological plasticity of invasive weed genus Hypochaeris with distance from a lake’s edge; herbaceous weed acclimation in an Australian context (2014)
  • Ecology of Lake Mountain; do leaf traits determine the distribution of vegetation types? (2014)