I am most interested in big picture questions. How does high atmospheric CO2 affect our planet? How do plant communities interact with climate? How can we make sound decisions about how to conserve our natural resources?

My research currently centres on the use of mathematical functions to estimate biodiversity for conservation planning. We use virtual and automated sampling techniques to investigate the impact of ecological patterns on our ability to estimate biodiversity, and consider applications for field workers advising on policy.

My honours research involved the preliminary ecological reconstruction of a polar forest from the Late Cretaceous, which grew during a period of greatly elevated atmospheric CO2 and global temperatures. The project involved sedimentary geology, fossil preparation and the appropriation of sampling methods from modern ecology to fossiliferous slabs of rock.



I am presently most interested in:

  • How plant community composition and function respond to climate change,
  • Combining geological and modern data to generate novel insights into the ecological impacts of climate change.