Hannah Carle

I am a final year PhD Candidate with the Research School of Biology at The Australian National University, doing research on forest ecophysiology and forest carbon.

My PhD research is motivated by the desire to support and rebuild resilient forests that will continue to mitigate fossil fuel emissions, host invaluable biodiversity, and contribute to the quality of life we enjoy on this planet. My current research includes trait ecology, functional ecology, forest demography, and forest carbon, with fieldwork in Malaysian Borneo, tropical Australia, and the Australian alpine region.

My science communication practice is motivated by the belief that engaging people in the process of discovery empowers us to connect with the world and to explore constructive change.

I am an award-winning academic presenter, award-winning university demonstrator, and ANU Finalist for the Three Minute Thesis. I have delivered and helped develop STEM programs that have reached thousands of people, through work with the Victorian Space Science Education Centre and Scienceworks Museum. I author a science blog called rockdocpress and volunteer toward other science communication and outreach programs along the way.