My experience spans scientific research, science communication and community service.

As a science communicator I present immersive STEM experiences with two prestigious institutions in the education sector; the Victorian Space Science Education Centre and Scienceworks Museum.

I author a science blog spanning paleontology, conservation and the cosmos, and deliver diverse STEM experiences to hundreds of people each week. I see the cultivation of STEM-literacy as a key element in the betterment of our world.

In research I have worked at the interface between plant ecology and geosciences. At present I am most interested in community ecology, the plasticity of plant functional traits in response to environment, and how plant communities respond to human-induced climate change. My ecological research has extended from modern vegetation into deep time.

I also have strong foundations in geological mapping and considerable fieldwork and lab-based research experience with a diversity of scientific organisations and projects.

I am also an Advisory Board Member for Navigator – a free resource that supports young women in their early career pathways. I blog on science and environment at, and counter on cleanup dives along the Mornington Peninsula.