I study and research at the interface of plant and geological sciences, and work and blog as a science communicator. Coming from an Advanced Science degree with a strong research emphasis (Monash University, majors in Geology and Plant Sciences), and moving increasingly into science communication, my professional pathway has focused on bridging the gap between active science research and public science literacy and engagement.

I conduct research at the interface of plant and earth sciences and have considerable fieldwork and lab-based research skills developed through coursework, volunteering and research with a diversity of scientific organisations and projects. This spans technical experience imaging the sea floor with the ANZIC Marine Geoscience Masterclass (IODP/CSIRO), fossil excavation with Melbourne Museum’s Dinosaur Dreaming digs, applying fossil conservation techniques for collections hosted at the Monash University School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment, and ecological/botanical sampling with the Monash University School of Biological Sciences.

Beyond academia, science communication is my mainstay. I author a popular-science blog spanning paleontology, conservation and the cosmos, and have taught and presented on diverse STEM topics to both public and school audiences. I see the cultivation of STEM-literacy as a key element in the betterment of our world.